Adttech68 chat message

Also known as instant messaging, this is a popular way to communicate online.You can exchange instant chat messages with other participants during a session.Conversation threads make it much easier to follow multiple discussions simultaneuosly.They can also help your team have more conversations out in the open.You can get your teammate's attention by @mentioning their name in your messages.If a person is mentioned by name, in addition to highlighting the message, it will also trigger a desktop notification and a notifiction in their notifications list.

CA Flowdock allows you to reply directly to or comment on an earlier message.Before sending someone a private message it is good etiquette to first ask that user for permission.Also, if that user is ignoring all private messages it will be ignored. If supported, a private chat with that user should appear.While the concept of a chat room hit its peak in the late 90s, and has since declined, there are still applications and platforms which enable people to participate in chat rooms.While instant messaging was born in the 1960s, chat followed in the 1970s.