Amerie dating fabolous

Fabolous Tweeted some pics of his son Johan's Yo Gabba Gabba themed b-day party last week. And the party was at Bowlmar Lanes in Lower Manhattan. I said I knew her, as in we attended GEORGETOWN together! Maybe makeup has thinned it, but it doesn't look any different to me and I've seen it up close. If u think she can sing, then you might as well say Rihanna, Cassie, Ashanti, and the rest of them cute (and nothing more) chicks can..can sing, yea they can sing, they just sound BAD!!! It sounded more like a response to allegations that she is already married or planning on walking down the aisle sooner than planned.BTW, she did have a lump in the middle of her forehead that's obviously been removed..that's it. U r a damn FOOL and clearly BLIND if u think that gal has not had any plastic her album cover from first album and all the rest... h t t p:// That's what I thought!! I am "Team Mashonda' too, because he was wrong for doing it the way he did and A. I don't think Amerie was trained in "music theory" or whatever that poster said. I didn't take it as if she would be the new Lala Jr. @ LSK Nice ring (lol) but yeah she better meet with Melba Moore.known professionally as Amerie (currently Ameriie), is an American singer, songwriter, author, actress and record producer.

If she is determined to be in the music industry, stay behind the scenes and not pick up a mic.What does it really take to make it in the music business? There have been many super talented and entertaining musicians that should have the status and household name notoriety that dudes like LMFAO (“Party Rock Anthem”) have right now, but they don’t. Lil’ Mo After a co-worker shared the throwback video with me for her jam “4Ever,” I was inspired to write this story. As of recent, he’s signed with Kanye West’s GOOD Music, so we’re hoping Yeezy’s golden touch can help brighten up my boo’s own career. You would hope that the only requirement would be that an individual be talented, but there are so many people on the top of the charts proving us wrong. Check out our list of people who are known but not the big superstars they should be, and feel our pain as we talk about why these talented folks never blew up like they should have. Despite his modest chart showings for albums like , Mos seemed to concentrate more on his acting opportunities than rapping after a while.Her fiance is her boyfriend/manager Lenny Nicholson. And Swizz Beats, Mashonda, their son, Veronica Lightey, and Valeisha Butterfield were all here to celebrate. At any rate, y'all can say what u want about her manager/'future' husband..did what he could with what he and she are working with, which is NOTHING!! Has she never heard of "don't mix business with pleasure"? I don't wanna hear that he's dominican that nigga is black.And by the looks of this pic, the ring is eye catching. Pics from Fabolous' son's 2nd birthday party with Swizzy, Mashonda, and others when you read the rest... The real Yo Gabba Gabba DJ Lance was there to perform even though Fab had dressed up like him. That girl needs to sell sex or something, because da broad can't sing worth a wooden nickel, which is worth a lot more than her singing abilities. I think they may have tweeted that about only being engaged because there have been rumors about her being married already for years.