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They consist of biographical material, correspondence, business and financial records, interviews, notes, writings, sketches, project files, exhibition files, photographs, and printed material that document Breuer's career as an architect and designer. During the following 20 years, Breuer's firm worked on many diverse projects ranging from private residences to government buildings. Marcel Lajos Breuer was born on May 21, 1902, in the Danube valley town of Pécs, Hungary, to Jacques Breuer, a physician, and Franciska (Kan) Breuer. Throughout his life, Breuer used his first name only on official documents and preferred that his friends use his middle name, the Hungarian form of "Louis." The diminutive form of this name was usually spelled "Lajkó" and pronounced "Lye-ko."In 1920, Breuer graduated from the Magyar Királyi Föreáliskola in Pécs.This material reflects the prolificacy and diversity of his creations, from tubular steel chairs to private residences, college campuses, factories, department stores, and international, municipal, and corporate headquarters and complexes. Breuer received a master's degree from the Bauhaus in 1924. He had received a scholarship to study art in Vienna but took an immediate dislike to the Art Academy there, so searched elsewhere for training.

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The present castle still includes a fortified part of the 12th century, machicolations and a round tower of the 14th century.The drawbridge was replaced in the 16th century by a portion of a wall connecting the donjon to the part rebuilt in the Renaissance period.In the 19th century, an extension was built between the noble house and the mill, of which only a few vestiges remain today.Cultural events: Garorock Festival in Marmande, Garonna Show in Port-Sainte-Marie, international festival of journalism in Couthures-sur-Garonne, Bonaguil theatre festival, You are here in Villeréal (theatre) Departmental Summer Nights, Medieval festivl in Monflanquin, Pruneau Show in Agen ...Economy: Food industry (including fruit and vegetable processing), wood, eco-materials and eco-construction sectors, metallurgy and mechanics, aeronautics, health-pharmacy, tourism ...