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Norm's 50th Anniversary Embossed Metal License Plate can be displayed on your vehicle, or in your man cave, office or garage.

The license plate features the emblem that is used on the Mr.

Do you use a Computer Aided Design (CAD) program to produce 2D sprinkler layout drawings / details and show the pipe sizes (like the plan below) ?

Do you then use a separate program for the hydraulics calculations where you have to enter most (if not all!

Norm's 50th Anniversary Edition Challengers and Chargers.

dyno tune , members decal and GSD decal adhesive backing will fit and hold for many uses .

Then my CAD2ENRULES program is just the solution you have been seeking.

Click below to view samples of actual Archive Letters (please note that the specific information contained in the records for each individual firearm varies). The precise archive letter format may vary depending on the model and the specifics of what is contained in the shipping records.

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The Colt Archive Letter Considered one of the most unique and prestigious services offered by Colt, the Archive Letter is universally recognized as an unparalleled investment in firearms collecting.

The Archive Department will search through Colt’s vast archives to provide you with accurate and documented details confirming the original specifications and delivery of your particular Colt firearm.