Chemistry and attraction dating

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There are few things sexier than watching our guy remove his shirt after a day at the gym, or after playing football with his friends, or after going for a run and catching a whiff of his scent: a combination of deodorant, rugged masculinity and, our favorite, his natural musk (better known as body odor).

But you know you feel it when someone you like is in the same room.

Forty-four male students were asked to wear a t-shirt for two nights in a row and to avoid anything that might interfere with their natural scent.

Researchers even supplied them with unscented soap and aftershave.

Any traces of it on our own bodies leave us feeling dirty and untouchable, and send us spiraling into tunnels of self-consciousness, frantically texting our friends to ask if they have any Secret in their purse. However, as much as we might hate body odor, we unconsciously love it, too; if you've ever worn your boyfriend's old t-shirt and found yourself getting weirdly turned on, you've experienced this phenomenon.

The natural odor soaked into the shirt is faint enough where it's not overly powerful, but powerful enough where you can't help but feel an instant attraction to it.