Dating women broken heart

Then, to love a woman with a broken heart, a broken soul, or a broken smile is an art and a beauty of its own. To love a woman who is broken is to walk on broken glass pieces all the time.

It’s in the way that she loves you back, needs you and the way she tells you, or doesn’t, that is so intriguing. It could hurt you more; but you have to understand that it is hurting her, too. When the words are all used and the silences take over between you and her, let the silence linger.

My fixed-smile mask, a smirk really, wasn't a confidence builder either.

I was present in body, of course, but not in spirit.

For anyone who chooses to love a broken man or woman, here are seven things you should keep in mind: There will be moments in the relationship where they'll be reminded of something their exes did, or maybe you'll do something that'll remind them of someone from the past.

This is not your fault, nor should you let this flashback reminder affect your present.

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I didn't even see that she was a knockout because I was blind to everything except my own pain.No, she won’t blame you for giving up on her altogether; she’s used to it by now. But what if you don’t want to stop loving her and just don’t know how to go on loving her? The broken-hearted girl may or may not be a talker. Sometimes, all you will have are words and no actions. Look into her eyes so deep so you see her soul, or a glimpse of it. But once she finds it, she will see the hope in you, in her, and in both of you together.If she talks, she will never let you know she was ever hurt. She may not believe you in that instant; blame it on past traumas. She needs to be told that you won’t run and hide when you’re getting in over your head. Really look at her; let her see that you won’t turn away when things get rough. Let her see there is hope, even if it’s just through your eyes, words and actions.But, every so often, you will see a glimpse of the scars she isn’t showing. Hold her hand in the silences and let her feel that you won’t let go when it’s dark and she can’t see. She just wants to see if you’re willing to scratch through the surface. You need to constantly show her that all is not lost and what’s left is up to her to find.She will do the best job at covering up any signs of her scars and try as hard as you may, getting under her skin, getting to know what’s inside the scars, could take a lifetime, if not more. She just wants to know that you aren’t just another hoax. You need to be the reason why she wants to hope again.