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We talk Straight Edge Porn, Addiction, Earned Arrogance, Never Remembering, Holidays, Dooms Day Decisions, This Is Your Life, Other People's Fights, Fighting Skinheads, Blinded By The Light, Feminine and Masculine, and Luck Listen to Episode Here Live Free 168 w/Christopher Konecki Sep 09, 2015 AM Christopher Konecki joins me via skype from his studio in San Diego.We talk Pacifico, Surfside Film School, All The Cogs, Control Freaking, Setting Expectations, Evolving To Survive, San Diego Art Scene, Cohort Collective, Serial Killers Hate Murals, Work Ethic, Foraging, Sustainability, KAABOO Del Mar, and Boopity Boppity Idiots Listen to Episode Here Live Free 167 w/Don Pendleton Aug 27, 2015 AM Don Pendleton joins me via skype from his studio in Ohio.All our couples like to experiment and trying new things, maybe even something they have never tried before.With this in mind, you can find yourself a couple to perform a live sex show that will serve even those with the most complex desires.The Melbourne Chargers rugby union forward's ankles were shackled while his parents, Anna and John Quinn, who had flown from Australia to support him, sat in the courtroom to his left."If you give me a second chance I won't let you down," Quinn told US District Court judge, John Walter.But Judge Walter showed little leniency, sentencing Quinn to the 12-year term prosecutors had sought. The veteran judge described Quinn's desire to attend what he believed was a paedophile party at an LA hotel room and pay a pimp $US260 to allow him to rape a young boy as "absolutely disgusting", "ghastly" and "despicable".

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Listen to Episode Here Live Free 171 w/Stephanie Buer Oct 15, 2015 AM Stephanie Buer joins me via skype from her studio in Portland.We talk LFP Show, Drilling Wells, Mega Quakes, Detail Oriented, Hiking and Sitting, Outdoor Fear, Detroit, Hunting, Cowspiracy, Lucky Charms, Trail Mix, and Doing The Hard Work First Listen to Episode Here Live Free 170 w/Nicomi Turner Sep 25, 2015 AM Nicomi Turner joins me via skype from her studio in Oakland.We talk Making Mistakes, Flojos, Namesake, Periscopes, Digitial Reality, Missed Experience, Emily the Strange Connections To Nature, Baddass Ranch Girls, Drawing, Mythologies, The Female Experience in Arts, All Female Mountain Gang, and The Four Percenters Listen to Episode Here Live Free 169 w/Eric Yevak Sep 23, 2015 AM Eric Yevak joins me via skype from his studio in Minneapolis.We talk Stalkers, Airplane Seat Lottery, Clown Circus, Talent or Marketing, Count Your Blessings, Perception, Joke Thievery, Age of Immigration, Financial Collapse, Socialism, Good Looking Artists, Doubt, Interconnectivity, Flux, East Coast West Coast, and Insecurities Listen to Episode Here Live Free 164 w/Chris Haueter Aug 11, 2015 AM Chris Haueter joins me via skype from his studio in Los Angeles.Disclaimer: a zero-tolerance policy against ch*ld pornography.