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I wanted to fix my relationship with music a little bit, because I feel like it had sort of become off kilter for various reasons.

I just wanted it to feel more the way it did when I was a teenager.” The effort is clear in the album.

Shadows all around you as you surface from the dark Emerging from the gentle grip of night's unfolding arms Darkness, darkness everywhere, do you feel alone?

The Hush Sound’s Bob Morris has twice erected musical projects the old fashioned way – building from the ground up, according to the music industry’s well-worn blueprints – only to see them come crashing down around him.

It's Summerlyn, 1992, and Brendon's getting tired of keeping secrets about herself.

Two albums and four years later, The Hush Sound retires on a high note, and Morgan moves to her new band, Gold Motel, who went on to release two sugary 60s pop album.

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My friend Eileen dared us to "French kiss until you've traded gum with each other." I remember falling asleep thinking about how I'd gone from Big Red to Doublemint and felt a boy's tongue for the first time. I received seven stitches and still have a scar on my forehead. All this goes to show that you can be in heart-broken agony for months over someone you may not recognize in 10 years!

The two started playing together and created The Hush Sound, later recruiting Chris Faller on bass and Darren Wilson on drums. In 2009 she began recording material with the band Gold Motel.