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Either way, you may be looking for a movie to watch with your boyfriend/s/girlfriend/s/genderfriend/s this weekend (that is, unless you’ve decided to go see – When you need an offbeat but surprisingly good romantic comedy This quirky Canadian film came out in 2013, but with little fanfare upon its release, you may have missed it.

Starring Harry “Daniel Radcliffe” Potter and MPDG Zoe Kazan as the strangely named characters Wallace and Chantry, the dialogue is delightfully relaxed and the side plots are just as entertaining as the central story.

I’ll be grading each story individually, then averaging them for the final anthology grade at the end. There was a lot of telling, and the telling didn’t grab me at all.

Surprisingly, it received a glowing review in After Ellen, but personally, I had a hard time sitting through all 98 execrable minutes of it.

Life for 18-year-old Gracie Shaw takes an unexpected turn when she is “encouraged” to marry a man sight-unseen. I did like that Grace and Logan got to know each other by arguing with each other, though I wish more of their arguments and debates had been written out instead of summarized.

Boarded on a train headed West—to lawless territory—she is faced with misfortune at every turn and must accept the help of former Confederate soldier, Logan Finley, while denying herself the one thing she wants most. I learn a great deal more about characters if “their verbal sparring” became an actual conversation, especially because the conflict between them, which I don’t want to spoil, is something they likely debated about.

So here’s the deal with this one: I loved the last story in this anthology so much. If you’d like to find a local celebration, there’s a directory at

Each story in the anthology takes place at a different period in history ranging from 1866 to 1961, but Juneteenth appears in all of them. But the dialogue was too sparse for me, and the writing between the dialogue portions had a sort of formality and distance that made it hard for me to engage with.