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Paste : When we left off everyone last season, Selina and her staff were gearing up to run for the presidency.Can you talk about where things pick up with season three?That said, it's definitely time for television's highest honor to make sure that Reid Scott gets recognized for his work as Dan Egan.So brilliant in his performance as the smug, scheming ladder-climber, Scott's character is so grandly complex that he offer's up one of the greatest anti-heroes (or, really, anti-villains) to have ever been on TV- right up there with Don Draper and Walter White.The presidential election this year has been nicely echoing the craziness on “Veep,” making it seem eerily prescient — down to Corey Lewandowski joining CNN, just like Dan Egan did on the show.I used to think “Veep” was too wild to be real, but then I saw what happened this year.We always get asked if things will make it in to the show, but has never been one to take things from the headlines- these weird similarities just happen.

and Tony Hale (both of whom picked up Emmys for their work on the show); improvisational dynamos Matt Walsh, Zach Woods and Timothy Simons; and great character actors like Gary Cole and Kevin Dunn.Dan Egan is captivating in his ways of manipulation- and Scott never misses a beat, so much so that in the - and Scott plays him with a perfected eerie realism that it makes you question people you know..makes you want to stay away from them or donate them to psychological research for a case study!Here, the actor talks about his process, what he does to tap into such a dark character and how he brings out the humor in him, what else is in store on is more relevant than ever, how often do you see things that happen in real life and find it bizarre that the show might have lampooned it first?Since “Veep” is one of several popular shows totally about politics (including “House of Cards” and “Scandal”) — and is widely acknowledged in DC as the most realistic depiction of Washington — I asked Reid if watching these political shows can be helpful.He said, I wouldn't say get your education on politics from a fictional television show — we're certainly not a documentary.