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The EP’s title track is Happie’s favorite, “It speaks to so many people and so many couples when they hear it.” she stated, “It’s the idea of dedicating yourself to someone, even after having been in other, very real relationships before.” For the traveller at heart, songs Like Louisiana and Oklahoma will hit close to home no matter where you are from.

Eric and Happie’s debut album, “It’s Yours” was recorded over the course of a year at studio/animal sanctuary – Mockingbird Studios in Byron, NY.

The new album will follow Raising Sand, the surprise hit collaboration that has sold six million copies to date, and which became Plant’s biggest-selling post-Zeppelin release.

“We’ve had one meeting so far and we’re going to have another one in September,” explains Krauss.

Robert Plant doesn't so much walk into a room as bound in and fill it with both a physical presence and a palpable charisma.

A big man - he could easily have been a centre-half in another life - Plant is all laughs and smiles as he arrives in his local watering hole when based in North London away from his home in Ludlow.

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There was a set list from my first band, the Black Snake Moan, written on a little card – Jimmy Reed, John Lee Hooker, Sonny Boy, Chuck Berry.That still blows my mind.” The two met 8 years ago, and 5 years later became a couple, writing lines that bring to mind Robert Plant and Alison Krauss.In songs like “It’s Yours”, the lyrics depict classic old country romance, “If there’s any love left in these old bones of mine, it’s yours”, the couple truly convey being wise beyond their years.Hot on the heels of her newly released Essential Alison Krauss collection, Krauss, 38, recently went into the studio with Union Station, the band she joined in 1989.And only when the new Union Station record is completed will she return to the studio with Robert Plant.