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As you get older, it is time for you to realize that the perfect woman is not just going to fall right into your lap.

As tragic a realization as that is, it is something that you have to accept.

Even dating can be explained in terms of a mathematical equation, it would appear, so to increase your probabilities of getting a date, your first lesson reveals the most effective speed dating tips for men and women.

Speed dating is an organized social activity at which singles seeking a date or a mate are introduced to several potential candidates for a very brief period of time, hence the term speed dating, to ascertain if there is a mutual interest that would warrant a future longer date.

For men, wearing a full suit might be going too far, but a dress shirt with nice pants and a smart blazer will do the trick. Getting into the zone before starting anything important helps you perform better.

Communicate who you are from the very first date, and you'll not only find someone, you'll find the RIGHT someone.

Not only does have one of the quickest and most thorough signup processes of any dating site (a couple of minutes to answer important questions like “Do you want to have kids?

”) — but it also wastes no time in finding you dates as soon as your profile is created.

Differentiating themselves and standing out from the crowd is important.

There are hundreds of participants in any speed dating venue and if you are not able to leave a lasting impression on someone’s mind, chances are you would not be the top in the order. Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt is not what all of us are.