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"Tyler Perry's Temptation" is ostensibly a serious-minded offering from the one-man filmmaking empire — it contains nothing in the way of broad slapstick and his infamous Madea character is nowhere to be seen — but you wouldn't know that based on the reaction that it got from the audience that I saw it with.Even though they were presumably there because of a genuine interest in seeing it and not simply out of professional obligation, the combination of shameless melodramatics and ham-fisted moralizing inspired more laughs from that audience than most straightforward comedies of recent vintage.I've been reading the user comments and threads on the message board for a week even though I hadn't seen the show yet. I finally saw the show last night and unfortunately for Tyler Perry and TBS...these posts have been more amusing than the show. Not only because the jokes aren't any good but the jokes aren't delivered well either.The actor playing Calvin tries the hardest to sell a joke but even then he oversells it.Here she is modelling a black underwired pick with a halterneck design that is sleek, simple and chic.Black is a flattering bikini hue to choose, not that Kimberley needs any help with her fab figure!

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The abundance of clichés, stereotypes, senseless slapstick, religious motives, and ridiculous characters is enough to warrant a walk-out.

They'd use a "Oooooo" when there should've been laughter. That was a show that tackled subject matter that the black community could relate to but didn't do it in a tacky, over-dramatic or sometimes over simplistic way like "Tyler Perry's House of Payne" does.

AND it was actually funny because the actors could act and the lead had star power.

C., with the dream of one day becoming a marriage counsellor.

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