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Installation images are valuable while reinstalling or fixing systems and managing files and partitions on your hard drives.

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Or Two best friends decide to explore the dark side of the internet, also known as the dark web without thinking much about the consequences. Hope you'll like this, I've been really wanting to write a fanfic like this and it took me a whole day to write the first chapter and it's currently am and I'm so tired but it was worth it, I think, idk, it might suck but eh. “Taehyung, I swear nothing bad is gonna happen, we’re just gonna explore for a bit.” Jungkook said in a desperate tone as Taehyung began pacing around the room they shared and rubbing his temples as if trying to clear his mind. I told you to stop watching creepy videos at night!

Researchers said the attackers behind today's outbreak of Wanna Cry ransomware are using Eternal Blue, an exploit made public by the mysterious group in possession of offensive hacking tools allegedly developed by the NSA.Scary stuff indeed, and that’s still not all of it!Let’s go through all the latest security threats out there and how to protect yourself!The ransomware is using the ETERNALBLUE exploit, which uses a vulnerability in the SMBv1 protocol to infect vulnerable computers left exposed online.Microsoft issued a patch for this vulnerability last March, but there are already 36,000 Wana Decrypt0r victims all over the globe, due to the fact they failed to install it.