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“She’s better at everything,” Lyonne said, noting the two became close while starring in Nora and Delia Ephron’s 2008 play Love, Loss, and What I Wore. There’s the dead heroes, the walking wounded, and the professional soldiers.” Lyonne continued: “During our poker games and backstage, I would hear those things and I would really take them with me.

I don’t know that that would necessarily lead to romance now that I’m saying it all out loud.” Her next dating choice among the older set?

and have a graceful dinner and watch the show together. Sharon: Tyne is much more emotionally healthy than I am about watching herself.

That's how we used to go shopping for birthdays or holidays.

I’ve been out from day one, unless you include my messy attempt to have sex with a female, way back when I was a college student.

Barring that embarrassing stab at “normalcy,” I’ve not only been openly gay, but I’ve forever been screaming that everyone else should join me in the wide open spaces of honesty, where dissembling can be shed and progress can be made.

" not only was it the first successful TV series to focus on female cops, but in 1985 Lacey became the first TV policewoman to be pregnant on the job mirroring Daly's real life status.

Sally Field lusts after a young co-worker in the new film Hello, My Name Is Doris, prompting us to wonder: Which older woman would you romance for your own May–December fling?

Spider-Man: Homecoming is taking over theaters, but it looks like two of the film’s stars are celebrating on their own these days.It turned out that Pete was a slow bloomer in terms of accepting his gay sexuality.In fact, he’d been married to a woman for about a decade, and they even had a grown child!So it was extra bizarre when I ended up dating a closet case several years ago.He was tall, attractive, and nice, though his background proved to be something way beyond what you’d find in run-of-the-mill boyfriend material.